Plastic construction
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Ventilation round

  Standards Nominal sizes always refer to the external dimensions of the tubing and fittings.
Therefore, the wall thickness changes inwards for different pressure ranges.

  Tubing (standard series)    
Lengths of pipe

Fittings (standard series)
Arc radii
Connections for fittings


Maximum length of delivery 5 m
Smooth on both sides
Hot air welding

r = 1.0 Ø
Centric and eccentric
All-round plug-in sleeves
Hot air welding

Fixed flanges, welded on Flexible sleeves

  Special components Other diameters and dimensions, as well as special parts of any kind, are available on request.


All tubing and fittings can be supplied in the following materials:
♦ PPs, polypropylene
♦ PE, polyethylene
♦ PVC, polyvinyl chloride
♦ PP, polypropylene
♦ PPs-el, polypropylene

Flame-resistant according to DIN 4102 B1
Specially stabilised for outdoor use
Flame-resistant according to DIN 4102 B1

Flame-resistant – electrically conductive > for ATEX areas (explosive atmospheres)



  Pressure + temperature According to product specifications and standards.
If special conditions are anticipated, we either use components with thicker walls or install additional reinforcement.


  Installation To ensure reliable leak tightness, the joints are primarily welded.
Bonding is only possible for PVC.


The following documentation is available in PDF format: