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Gas-liquide Heat Exchanger

Heat exchanger
There are no corrosion problems with the COLASIT heat exchanger made entirely of plastic. 

Each COLASIT heat exchanger is sized on an individual basis. Please give us your
design data. You will immediately get our detailed offer.

All COLASIT heat exchangers are assembled from a modular system. The sizing is determined mainly by gas flow rate and temperature and, to a lesser extent, by the prefabricated parts.

Two choices of tube clearance are available, 5 mm for clean and 12 mm for waste gases.

COLASIT heat exchangers are cleanded by means of pressurized water or, if necessary, by use of chemical detergents. The high degree of corrosion resistance allows chemical cleaning of the COLASIT heat exchanger.



- heat recovery processes from aggressive waste air, for example in electroplating in
  the chemical industry, in the electronics industry etc.
- cooling aggressive waste gases upstream of scrubbers and subsequent heating, for 
  example in drying processes, in chemical metal treatment, waste incineration 
  and sewage sludge incineration etc.
- as a condenser for vapor in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in drying 
  processes etc.


  Technical data
Airflow rate:
Operating temperature gas-side:
Operating pressure water-side:
up to max. 150'000 m3/h
-30 to +140 6C *
3 to 16 bar (according to choice of material)


  Construction - Outer pipe diameter 6,4 mm, wall thickness 0,6 mm
- Collectors located in the gas flow
- Walls made by 40 mm strong twin-wall sheets
- Casing gastight welded including condensate collector


- Cleaning system
- Droplet separator


The following documentation is available in PDF: